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BellyCore(TM) Fitness is a new functional fitness program which was created with the main purpose of enhancing core muscle strength, mobility and flexibility. Unlike other music-based fitness formats, BellyCore(TM) helps you not only burn calories, but also tone the core muscles which are vital for posture, alignment and all day by day activities.

The 1 hour fitness format includes a Warm Up, 30 minutes of Cardiovascular training on music, Core Floor Workout and Stretching, leaving the participants feeling strong, motivated, empowered and sexy!

 Get SLIM, tone your ABS, strengthen your back, improve posture & so much more with this sexy fusion of Modern Belly Dance, Bollywood, Bhangra, Burlesque, Latin moves! Dance to beautiful, fiery, fun feel-good music from Turkey, Lebanon, Eastern Europe, India, Latin America, the USA and beyond!

Rock your Core, Fire up your Fitness Routine & LIFE, Feel Sexy, Confident and Powerful!







Sanda Kruger is originally from Bucharest, Romania. Her Latin culture mixed with the fascinating beauty of her Mediterranean background are the main fuels for her passion for dance, fitness and nutrition. She leaned the art of Belly Dance while she was working in Turkey during her summer vacation in her student years. The idea to create BellyCore(TM) Fitness came to her in 2011, born from the desire of helping others reach their well-being state, improving their self-image and confidence by losing the unwanted weight around the hips and abdomen area.

She started teaching Belly Dance classes, while she studied to understand better the human body and how the dance can be transformed to where it actually not only burns calories, but it also tones the muscles.

Today, Sanda is a certified fitness professional with AFAA and AEA as well as Silver Sneakers(R) and RED warrior(TM). Sanda also holds a variety of Zumba(R) licenses, formats which she teaches on weekly basis. She is the owner of Mystic Core Movements, the company she started right after she got her BS in Business Administration. She has a wonderful family and a multitude of amazing friends which she made through her classes.


Terez Hartmann AKA "Firewoman," is an author, love and relationship specialist, writer, keynote speaker/workshop facilitator, singer-songwriter/recording artist, adventure/group travel facilitator, visionary, and true Renaissance Woman with a life-long passion for dance, fitness and encouraging well-being. Throughout her (on-going) 20+ year career in the music industry she studied and choreographed multiple styles of dance including jazz, modern, Latin, ballet, hip-hop, Burlesque-inspired and more, while her love of the fitness industry inspired work as an AFAA certified group fitness instructor and ACE certified personal trainer for many years.  Though her full-time focus shifted to include all she does today, her desire to allow time to keep the spark of dance and fitness alive only continued to grow, and she knew that the time would come when she would again take on a more active role in this area. After studying with Sanda for 3 years, Terez had the honor of becoming the first instructor to join the Belly Core Fitness team in 2014.  She currently facilitates beginner to intermediate level classes and will be launching a "Belly Core Fitness BURLESQUE!" specialty class in March of 2015. Terez "Firewoman" is known for her over-the-top energy and for always leaving her "Dancing Goddesses" feeling energized, inspired and deeply appreciated. 

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